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And here, we get less than an inch of rain a year. As you might expect, many of the tour and wine links on this site are part of our affiliate program, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission. But it can be divided into three or four basic regions; the northern and southern coast, the Andean highlands, and the eastern lowlands or rainforest. With humidity hovering around 80%, the “real feel” temperature in these cities can be even hotter. Moderated temperatures and precipitation are as you would expect in the shoulder seasons of autumn and spring. Portugal, the winner of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2020, takes the top spot in the Climate category this year. Lagos, Portugal - Average Annual Weather - Holiday Weather Lagos, Portugal: Annual Weather Averages July is the hottest month in Lagos with an average temperature of 24°C (75°F) and the coldest is January at 11°C (52°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 11 in July. Essentially, pick your climate, and you’ll find it somewhere in Ecuador.”. “After living abroad for over a decade in several locations, I think we have found our perfect weather,” says Steve LePoidevin, International Living Peru Correspondent. This variety means that in Portugal you’re sure to find a place with the climate to suit your tastes. Annual Weather Averages Near Algarve. } var myCookie = getCookie("ILPOSTCA"); Average temperatures – Low 12⁰  C (54⁰ F)Low temperature: 9⁰ C (48⁰ F)High temperature: 16⁰ C (62⁰ F)Sunshine hours – 6Rainfall days – 1535% chance of sunny days and 15% chance of butty days with 40% chance of rainOcean temperature 16⁰ C (59⁰ F)Chance of windy days – 26%. Don’t bother with the rain coat. “Mexico is a big country—about three times the size of Texas,” says Jason Holland, International Living Roving Latin America Editor. The weather here varies quite a bit from region to region within the country, making it one of the reasons Colombia is so fascinating. That doesn’t mean the climate is the same in all southern or northern areas. Average temperatures – Low 11⁰  C (52⁰ F)Low temperature: 8⁰ C (47⁰ F)High temperature: 15⁰ C (59⁰ F)Sunshine hours – 6Rainfall days – 1532% chance of sunny days and 20% chance of butty days with 43% chance of rainOcean temperature 16⁰ C (59⁰ F)Chance of windy days – 21%. “Heading south through the central region, including locations such as the University town of Coimbra, temperatures are a few degrees warmer each season, with less rain (35 inches per year compared to Porto’s 49). Living by the coast means evening sea breezes make the nighttime temperatures a bit more palatable. 67.1 °F Oct – Dec 17.2 °C. The closer you are to sea level, the hotter that region is on average, and often more humid. For example, Ecuador’s capital, Quito, lies between the Andean Mountains’ eastern and western ridges. Enter your email and we will will send you information on this deal!It’s quick and gives you access to all of our special deals. More inland summers are hotter but the winter temperature drops. Steve lives in Huanchaco, a northern surfing and fishing village located just 20 minutes from the larger city of Trujillo. “The north, where Porto is located, is breezy, beautiful, and sunny in summer, with daytime highs of 80 F and above. Average temperatures – Low 18⁰  C (64⁰ F)Low temperature: 14⁰ C (57⁰ F)High temperature:  22⁰ C (72⁰ F)Sunshine hours – 10Rainfall days – 840% chance of sunny days and 7% chance of butty days with 28% chance of rainOcean temperature 17⁰ C (63⁰ F)Chance of windy days – 33%. Averages are for Faro / Aeroporto, which is 16 miles from Algarve. The mountains of Serra da Estrela Natural Park are represented here by Penhas Douradas, where the weather station is at 1388 metres (4554 feet) elevation. For a more detailed look at the climate in Ecuador, check out: Ecuador Weather and Climate. Here are the known records of the highest ever recorded temperatures across Europe – the record holder are Athens, Greece while Spain and Portugal have their records just a touch lower. Number of roomsWe provide special pricing for groups of 7 or more – please complete the request and we will contact you for more information. These datas are probabilities for december from weather reports for many years. “For those of you who prefer more temperate climates, then I suggest my adopted mountain city of Medellín or anywhere in the ‘coffee triangle’ of Pereira, Armenia, and Manizales where you are surrounded by lush green mountain scenery.”. It’s impossible to describe an average temperature or overall climate. Four seasons? For a more detailed look at the climate in Mexico, check out: Mexico Weather and Climate. You’ll find those in the Serra da Estrela region of the northeast. You can expect hot, sunny weather with temperatures in the 80s F for half the year, and milder temperatures with cloud cover in the wet season from May to October. } else { 63.5 °F Jul – Sep 26.3 °C. Please only click the affiliate links if you want the product. Subscribe to the Magazine Today and Save 35%. Sometimes the microclimates are separated by less than 10 miles. The sun makes the difference. “What that means is that, at sea level at least, days and nights are evenly spaced at 12 hours each, and temperatures can get exceedingly hot. } But that’s just the beginning. For a current Portugal weather report visit weather.com. “And with some of the highest mountains on the planet, suffice to say, you’ll find snow-covered peaks year-round too. Temperature in Portugal decreased to 10.55 celsius in December from 13.25 celsius in November of 2015. With a light breeze and no bugs, we leave our doors and windows open for much of the year. From tropical ocean beaches, temperate mountain areas, and even a snow-capped mountain, Colombia has it all. Look no further than Portugal. } else { var begin = cookie.indexOf("; " + prefix); There can be differences in temperatures, even in areas relatively close together, due to elevation—the higher the elevation, the cooler the average temperatures. On July 30, 1876 and August 4, 1881, temperatures of 51 °C (124 °F) and 50 °C (122 °F) were both reported for Seville: these readings are unreliable, since they were measured under a standard exposure and in poor technical conditions. The warm season lasts for 3.1 months, from June 20 to September 23, with an average daily high temperature above 75°F.The hottest day of the year is July 27, with an average high of 79°F and low of 66°F.. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. However, in towns and cities such as Quito, Cuenca, or Vilcabamba, the high temperatures are moderated by altitude, meaning that in the right spot, expats can live in year-round spring-like temperatures, with near-constant sun. if (begin == -1) { Its history has been shaped by its proximity to the ocean and its position as the westernmost European nation. The coldest months are January and February, with an average high-temperature of 19.7°C (67.5°F). With 0.7in over 3 days, it rains very little during your stay. var prefix = name + "="; For most of the country, there are at least two distinct seasons. There are also periods of good weather, since the Azores Anticyclone can move over Portugal also in winter. Average temperatures – Low 21⁰  C (69⁰ F)Low temperature: 17⁰ C (62⁰ F)High temperature: 26⁰ C (78⁰ F)Sunshine hours – 11Rainfall days – 551% chance of sunny days and 6% chance of butty days with 12% chance of rainOcean temperature 19⁰ C (65⁰ F) Chance of windy days – 38%. Mexico’s climate comes in two parts—the Tropic of Cancer splits the country in two so one part is temperate and the other, tropical. Record-high temperatures are being felt across the country this weekend, with the mercury hitting 111 degrees in Lisbon and 114.8 degrees in the central town of Santarém. From sunny beaches to humid rainforests, we’ve looked at every type of region that each country has to offer, so retirees can find the spot that best suits their tastes. “Even so, with such an indented coastline, microclimates offer a range of options to choose from, including cloud forest, tropical jungle, and dry scrub landscapes. 60.0 °F Southern Coast Month Air Sea Jan – […] Suggest packing a light sweater and windbreakerAverage temperatures – Low 24⁰ C (74⁰ F) Low temperature: 19⁰ C (66⁰ F) High temperature: 28⁰ C (83⁰ F); However there are some spells where temperatures can get much higher. We value your privacy.